Rosemary is a very aromatic herb, and it really represents us, above all by how much we are surrounded by it! This is the largest apartment and has a corner with its own garden which faces the park. The inside it totally inspired by equestrian features and has horses everywhere, thanks to our family tradition of horses! There are two entrances: one from the delightful cream kitchen where you can access the outside area directly with tables and chairs, and then the main entrance itself which has a floral sofa. The living area has its own sofa bed in a lovely bordeaux colour in front of the fireplace and red chairs around the table….they take me back to my childhood memories. On the first floor there are two bedrooms, each one with its own bathroom, and with ‘bandone’ beds – one large double bedroom and one double bedroom, again typical beds from those times, made in wrought iron with painted metal sheet headboards, decorated with in lays of mother of pearl.
One of these bedrooms is located in an area of the house that was definitely added to the rear of the farming family’s house, this is clear as there is a stone pediment and side holes in the bricks (to insert a pole, which was used to close the door) this was typically used for main entrances.

*PERRENIAL AROMATIC HERB spontaneous in the Mediterranean, also known in Italian as RAMERINO. It is used in abundance in Tuscany, and in particular in the preparation of cooked food: from pasta to meat, in pizza and in foccaccia with a pinch of salt and fine extra-virgin olive oil. Tuscany has a sprinkling of Rosemary needles everywhere!


Località Il Pozzo 31/B, 
Capolona 52010