our history


The following photo portrays the Valeriani family group:
Giuseppe, the head of the house, with his son Enrico, his wife Michela and the granddaughters Ilda and Elvira and finally the little grandson Francesco, my dad.
I am the one in the video clip on the website who lurks around the vineyards with a glass of wine in my hand. You can find Marta, the youngest of the Valeriani’s generation, busy trying to transform the power of our olive oil or of our wine into something magical to use on your skin.

If you did not guess yet, horses are my passion. Rudy, my horse is on the website striking various poses and my other passion is making wine. If you share even one of these passions, then Palazzo Bandino is for you. If you share both passions, you make me even happier!
I am waiting for you and I promise you that together we will visit one of the most beautiful corners of Tuscany and that we will pop a bottle open which will help you to understand why this land is famous all over the world.